PhilosopHER aims to offer a seminar focused on the work of a female philosopher (a book or articles) and to invite that philosopher to Bayreuth to discuss her work with students at the end of the seminar. In this way, students will be able to engage with her work in a deeper way than in the lecture series.

Winter Semester 2020/21​

Levinas and Political Philosophy

Seminar held by Prof. Dr. Alice Pinheiro Walla, Philosophy & Economics, University of Bayreuth.

This course will proceed in two stages. First, we will become acquainted with the philosophical thought of Franco-Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas with emphasis on his understanding of the relationship between ethics and politics. We will read and discuss selected texts from Levinas’ works Totality and Infinity, Otherwise than Being and Nine Talmudic Readings.

In the second part of the seminar, we will focus on Dr. Annabel Herzog’s recent book Levinas’s Politics: Justice, Mercy, Universality, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020. The seminar will end with an open workshop with Dr. Annabel Herzog (see below). Seminar participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas in discussion with Dr. Herzog.

Open events

OPEN LECTURE / Tuesday, 26.01.2021
Open Lecture. This lecture is part of the Lectures on Jewish Philosophy. For more information and registration, click here.

BOOK WORKSHOP / Monday, 01.02.2021
Book Workshop with Author Dr. Annabel Herzog (University of Haifa).

Required readings:
Annabel Herzog, Levinas’s Politics: Justice, Mercy, Universality. Chapters V – VIII.

Book workshop Programme

4:00h / Chapter V: Evil as Injustice, Pablo Nicolas Sanchez Kullmann
4:30h / Chapter VI: On Nature, Anile Tmava
5:00h / Chapter VII: Levinas and the Modern State of Israel, Leonie Dossou
5:30h / Chapter VIII: Hegelian Dialetics and the question of Messianism, Meike Schneiders
6:00h / Final discussion

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